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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools!!

Luke and I were reminiscing today about past April Fool's Jokes we have played on each other and other people as well...I thought I would share my top two favorites: 1. On my 21st birthday, Luke was supposed to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail. He left on March 7, 2004, and was due to return 5 months later (thankfully, it only took my hot husband 4 MONTHS and 4 DAYS!) He called me on April 1 and said, "I am in the parking lot of the KD House...come downstairs!" I said, "Really?" He replied, "No, APRIL FOOLS!!" I was so disappointed! He then had to convince me to come downstairs, because he was really there!! Everyone that had been sitting in the 4-man with me at the time of the phone call ran out onto the balcony, and I sprinted down the stairs...and there he was! What a wonderful surprise!! 2. When Luke and I were first dating, we were both YoungLife leaders at Starkville Academy. As a YL leader, you were not supposed to date other leaders. Well, most everyone had figured out we were dating because we rode together every week, and well, he couldn't stop staring at me during leader meetings. We arrived at a meeting together, and walked in solemnly. We kept this up the entire meeting (and if you know us know this is not our personalities at all!!) At the end, the girl in charge asked if anything was wrong. Luke went into an incredible dialogue about how we had gotten engaged (and I had a fake ring on), and that we really had thought about it and this is what we should do because I WAS PREGNANT! Everyone freaked out, just as planned, and Bubba, bless his heart, got up to give us a hug. Luke and I busted out laughing, not being able to hold the joke any longer. We got em good with that one!

April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four. ~Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson, 1894

Although I didn't live in Texas long, I made some really sweet friends. Becky is one of those sweet people whom I still keep in touch with. She went to our church, and I met her in a book study of For Her Eyes Only (wonderful, wonderful book), and she took me under her wing and to the zoo several times! She has twin boys, and now another on the way. Thank goodness , has started a blog. She is so sweet & funny, and I miss her!


Trace's Space said...

Y'all are funny! Love the pranks the whole Bousson family pull!

Lori Ann said...

hahah, i totally remember that prank y'all pulled in YL. good times...I miss you two!!