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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

Well, let me back up! We watched the Super Bowl at Mike's house, a guy in our small group, and what a game. (Well, the last quarter anyway.) I had no loyalty to either team, so I usually base my cheering on which quarter back was cutest. In this case, I had 2 Bad Choices! Yes, Tom Brady is quite a looker...but look at what a dud of a dad he has turned out to be. And Eli is a cutie...but he hails from that other school in Mississippi! I guess in the end, I am glad the good guy took home the bacon! Here are some pics from the party...Unfortunately, I didnt think to take on of myself, and I wore a really cute red, white, and blue headband (for the winner...whichever it turned out to be !)
Now, on to the next party! Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone (and yes, I know it is Thursday!!) Luke and I celebrated a little early with a King Cake! Yummy! Luke brought one home the day they came out in the stores, and I got to find the baby! I am going to attempt to make one tonight, so we'll see how that goes! Yesterday, we were glued to the tv watching all of the tornadoes around us. I was planning on making some sort of Cajun shrimp something, but that'll have to wait until this weekend. Work was CRAZY last night!! Imagine 20 + postpartum women in the hallway and all the babies in the nursery!! And of course with the weather, every preggo woman within 50 miles went into labor!! Glad I am in the nursery and not the ER :) Love you Audra!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Katie Walden said...

When you say, "I'm going to attempt to make one tonight. We'll see how that goes," were you talking about a baby or cake? Just checking. Ha!

Heather said...

i thought the same thing. Making a baby, i am sure.

Luke & Amanda said...

Haha! Thanks for all the well wishes!

Trace's Space said...

Me too!!! Funny!

Love your hat :)

LWolfe said...

I'm assuming you're ok in regards to the storm since you never replied to my text. Please tell your friend Audra that i think she is hysterical and i want to be her friend. And tell Jake he is hilarious too! I LOVE you and miss you. Can i be baby C's godmother?

The Davidsons said...

Amanda - I love following your blog. I've made our blog private, would you mind sending me your email address so I can send you an invite?