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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Just wanted to write a quick note wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!! I made pink cinnamon rolls for breakfast and brought Luke some Mississippi these are known as Caramel Delights, right Ms. Amy? :) Several years ago, Luke and I got into a discussion about Girl Scout cookies and I was adamant the coconut lovelies were called Samoas. I informed Luke I was the Top Seller in my Brownie Troop, so I definitely knew what they were called. We called his mom, who informed me they were called Caramel Delights. We were at my mom's house, and she informed Luke they were called Samoas. In fact, we still had a box with the logo on the side in our attic. Short story long, when cookie time came around that year, my mom sent Luke a box of Samoas from TN, and his mom sent him a box of Caramel Delites from MS. What are they called where you are from??
Things that make you go HMM??


Tracy said...

I love most, that every picture you have of Luke, he's never wearing a shirt!

And the only Girl Scout Cookies we know, are Mint Chocolate Chip..we bought 6 boxes this year!!!

Heather said...



happy heart day. i loveth you and sophie loveth bandit.

Josh & Jessica said...

I have had the same discussion at work about peanut butter patties. They are called something different up here than they are in MS. But I know the cookie in question as caramel delights...sorry, Amanda

JordanandSaundersRamsey said...

That is sooo weird....we just had that conversation at work. Somebody was selling girl scout cookies and I freaked out because I had never heard of any of them. When I saw that Caramel Delights were called Somoas...I had no idea what they were talking about! It's so crazy that they are called different things in different places! I can't get used to it! I would have to agree with Luke. :)

You are a sweet wife!! I was sound asleep with Saunders left today. haha!

Trace's Space said...

Samoa's for me!

But thin mints are my fav!

Happy Valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

They were Caramel Delights for me...but the reason for the different names is because supposedly there are different manufacturers.

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