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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


it is 24 outside!!
The weekend of Martin Luther King Day, six of my favorite friends from State came to play! They got here late Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday! Of course, we had lots of food, enjoyed good girl time, and shared a few laughs (especially about unicorns! I miss these girls so much and it is always a treat to see them (especially at my place!) Thank yall for coming to visit!! This past weekend, Luke and I had our first weekend since Thanksgiving to not go out of town or have people here for an entire weekend! We truly did not know what to do with ourselves (don't worry, we managed somehow!) It was so wonderful to be able to wake up on Saturday and Sunday and do what we wanted to, and we chose mostly to sit around and just hang out. Very much needed, and very relaxing!! I am helping host a Couple's Baby Shower in February for a girl at our church. I am in charge of decorations and need some Bring them On!! Much appreciated!! Also, I have to spread the news: My cute friend TRACY has started her own Blog!! She has been a stalker (I am sure she can update you on just about everyone on my Friends Lists' Life right now). I told her she would have to start her own when she got married, and she has followed through!! She is still working out the layout and everything, but make sure you stop by and welcome her to the blogging world.


Heather said...

I had so much fun!! Let's do it again!

PS - did you wear your sweet little gettup for MLK day?

The Texas VicHorns said...

a relaxing weekend just you and your husband is always great!