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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pimp My Ride

Luke had an interview in Memphis last Friday, and felt like it went really well. He drives a company truck, so when he moves next weekend, he will be carless. We went car shopping last Friday after his interview, and had quite the adventure. We were riding along with Pedro (no lie) when I starting trying out all of the buttons. The sunroof made a sound like a cat in heat, and then the back sunroof didnt move at all. (Is that a vulgar thing to say? If you have ever heard that sound, it is absolutely terrifying!) As Luke pushed in the driver's side window button (and when I say pushed in, I mean he pushed it and it disappeared), we looked at each other and laughed. So, we came back to Tyler still in need of a car. We drove to Dallas yesterday to look at a few that he found in AutoTrader. We get to the first lot, and see the 1994 Land Rover that Luke had researched. It was the oddest thing, but no salesman approached us at all. We went up to the door and I just knew they were closed, but they were defintiely open and gave us the keys to look in in and take it for a drive. Didnt make sure we had a license or anything!The guy said there wasnt a price on it, so he asked The Boss, who answered a whole lot less than what was listed on the internet. I think I talked about this before, but we are on the Dave Ramsey way of life, and wanted to pay cash for whatever we bought. This was a huge step for Luke who bought the biggest, baddest truck he could last March (it was stolen a few months later, which ended up a blessing in disguise!) His new car is a huge downgrade, but I am so proud of him for sticking to the plan! My DR guru makes me proud. Anyway, he drove it home from Dallas, and we got the oil changed and they said there was nothing on it that needed anything! That is a better prognosis than when I take my Saturn in. They always have something to fix on it (See They Call me a Grease Monkey post). We loaded it up last night, so keep your fingers crossed it makes it to Memphis this weekend!


Trace's Space said...

I love the new car! Bought with cash... even better!

I need to be on the Ramsey/Cantrell plan.

Can't wait for y'all to get home.


Anna said...

That truck is so Luke. Congrats on the purchase. I'm excited y'all are moving back!!