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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anything else!

I know I have probably bored yall to death with the details of our last two weeks of life, but GET OVER IT, I'm not done! My mom and two of my three grandmothers went yesterday to look at a house for Luke and I to rent. My mom says it is adorable, and we can move in Saturday, so we decided to do it. I have had a very grown up week...buying a new car, moving into a house...It is three bedroom and 1 bath, and just south of Collierville. If you have ever been to a rodeo in the South, you probably saw Lecile Harris, the rodeo clown. It is his mother's house, and we will be living right next door to the legend.
I am not sure how we are going to get all of our junk home, but when we do, I will be sure and post pictures so you can see how cute the house is! (I am saying that to be funny, because I haven't seen it yet :)

And other breaking news...


Katie is Luke's little sister got engaged yesterday on the top of Klingman's Dome. Her and Michael are planning on getting married next April. We are so excited for them! Yea!!


LWolfe said...

ok, the welcome home BBQ is moved to the rodeo queens house...i gotta see this! seriously, we need to set a date for the BBQ that my dad is having in your honor.

LWolfe said...

what about the August 11th weekend?

Trey and Heather said...

Welcome back.
so glad to hear about the house.
what does this mean for next weekend?

tell me something good...

and contrats to katie! she is presh.

Tricia said...

I didn't know there was such thing as a famous rodeo clown! That is just too much.

And with three bedrooms, that means Friend Reunion '08 is definitely at your place! :)

Little Hill said...

oh wow, just saw y'all made it back to c'ville! Best of luck. So are you living in the house off of Byhalia Rd?