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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


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If you are ever in my home the morning we leave for Bousson Vacay, you will hear this chanted throughout each room. And it sounds more like Florda than Florida, but you get the picture. We had a wonderful week in Perdido Key, and Luke was able to join us! He got there at 5:30 am on Monday morning. He was absolutely exhausted, but I was so glad to see him I didnt care! The group this year was Dad, Mom, Me, Luke, Megan, Blake, Jake, Nana (Megan Dale), Luke, and Natalie (Blake's gf). Will, Blake's BFF, who usually comes and plays with Jake had to work. But he did make it down on Thursday after Luke and I had already left. We all got plenty of sun, seafood, and time with each other. Natalie hung with the rest of us, and Megan and I love her because she makes fun of Blake. If any of you know Blake, he needs to get knocked down a few levels every once in awhile. We were able to get to the outlet mall in Foley, and they had some great Fourth of July deals. I got a ton of stuff at the Gail Pitman outlet that was Buy One, Get Two Free! Who's ever heard of such?! That night we ate at Lambert's, and I think I am still full from all of the fixins! One of our secret family talents is our ability to ride the waves. I never thought I was too old, because my Pawpaw taught me how, and he is a grandfather. Well, this year my dad was getting ready to push me out at the critical moment between catching the wave and it washing over you, when he almost pushed me on top of a five year old little girl and her Daddy doing the same thing. I swerved out of the way, and then washed up on the beach at the feet of two grown men. It is very hard to stand up gracefully after getting flung 50 feet by a wave in the ocean. Maybe it is time to hang up my boogie board, but I refuse! We are also a very musical family and have done our best to teach Jake the classics. George Strait, Cheech-n-Chong, Meatloaf, Fergie, the list goes on and on. This year, Dad found his Charlie Daniels CD (or record as he calls it) just in time to hear the Star Spangled Banner on the fiddle for the 4th. Little did I know Jake was such a fan: I could stay at the beach for the entire summer and not ever get tired of it, but our week in the sun was absolutely fabulous!


Trace's Space said...

I'm still very jealous about your vacation... whatev.


Trey and Heather said...

There is nothing I want more than to be a part of the bousson fam vaca. really. i can only imagine the conversations/dancing/singing/pranking that goes on during such a time.

Tricia said...

1. Buy one, get two free at the Gail Pittman outlet is the most amazing thing i've ever heard.

2. The boogie board story made me laugh out loud.

3. I miss Jake! (and you of course... or at least you telling stories about Jake:)

Love you!

Trace's Space said...

I just re-read this and the boogie board incident made me laugh out loud again, too. I love your family.
ps - uhhhh... the boys are out of town and you want me to help you move, huh? I'll see what I can do!