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Thursday, May 21, 2015

February 2015

February was a good month. I always love February because it is still cold and cozy, but the promise of spring is so close. It is also 28 days which makes for a perfectly symmetrical month. Why cant all months be 28 days?!

Kate and Luke went to the Daddy Daughter Dance at our local community center. They had a blast dancing the night away. The boys wanted pictures before hand with Daddy too.

Our love bugs on Valentine's! Sam is not happy sitting in his siblings' laps. 
He thinks he is so big!

We had the lovely surprise of snow! We thought this would be our only chance to get out and play, so we met a few other moms and kids at "the ditch" close to our home. Turns out, this was the start of a very fun snow season that we enjoyed thoroughly!!

Also, the BEST news about Sam being 16 months, besides being adorable, sweet, quiet, calm, and funny...HE STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I am a new person, and probably much nicer during the day now that we are getting a solid night's rest. 

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