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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thanksgiving and a wedding

We had a surprise of snow when we woke up one morning!
There is not much as fun as looking though the toy catalogs as they start coming in the mail!
The kids participated in a fashion show for an assisted living facility. We love doing this and getting to visit with the residents!
Sometimes Tooty's toddler face shows back through! haha!
We went to a family wedding and all of the kids made new best friends out of cousins!
Nana and Uncle Sam dancing!
There's always one that grabs two sparklers.
Uncle Sam and my Sam
We hosted Thanksgiving this year and Luke didnt disappoint with his delicious turkey!
The kids and I watched the parade and then took a prenap walk to get out of the house for a little while!
Perfection! That browning is butter!!
This was our whole group (minus Pres who was in the bottom left corner!) We missed the family that was missing, and we are so thankful for the ones that were there to share a meal in our new home!

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