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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Christmas is Coming

December started off with our favorite annual event, the square Tree Lighting!! This was Luke's first time to ever get to meet us, and Sam was super happy about that!

Stefanie and I have pictures from every year starting with just two kids!

The first weekend, we had Megan and Brett's Gender Reveal Party! It was gingerbread themed, and I was just excited about when I found out about my own!

Preston and I made baby boy and girl gingerbread baby cookies.

The tree had pink and blue lights at first!

I was slightly obsessed with my gingerbread babies!

Then  we turned the tree off, and I just turned the BLUE back on! When Megan waved the wand, it lit up BLUE!! 
Cantley Heinrich is due May 2!!

The next day, Luke ran the St Jude half marathon, and then we went and got our Christmas tree!!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas, matching outfits.

We have been hosting the teen girls from our church on the first Wednesday of the month, We have loved having them in our home, and celebrating Christmas was no different. We had the girls the first Wednesday and we made sugar hand scrub for gifts. Jake gave me the recipe as he is a member of the pinterest club at his school :) The second Wednesday, we had all the teens for their tacky sweater Christmas party. So fun!

I thought his was the most creative!

My friend, Maria, is an avid hunter, and I couldnt pass up this Rudolph costume!

Drummer Boy. Amazing as always! Sam clapped along the entire time!

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