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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bye Bye Byhalia

After the cupcake confusion (continuing from the last post), I rushed home to change clothes and drop off the boys with Grammy and PopPop. I had about 8 minutes, literally, and Luke and our wonderful realtor had just taken pics of our house to put on the market. I signed the papers I needed to sign and rushed out the door. The next morning, we waved goodbye to Grammy and PopPop after a wonderful visit. I got the kids to school (for picture day, nonetheless), put out supplies for church, and then met some friends for a birthday lunch for my friend Eden. So sad I didnt get a pic of us! That Friday, I called Eden and asked if she could do something about my craycray hair. It was all falling out post-Sam, and driving me bonkers. We all went over there for a quick trim, and I got two calls setting up showings about noon. I hadnt even seen our pics online yet. Being the awesome friend she is, I left my kids and hurried home to do a once over before the showing that afternoon at one and grab Bandit. I have been praying for the last 18 months (since we wanted to put it on the market last summer), that we would have the perfect family come in the first time. I prayed all the way home (and might have cursed at the train that delayed me 15 minutes). Luke called me that afternoon and said, "What is the lowest you would agree to?" I told him I had no idea what we needed, but I trusted him. So then he says, "How about a full price offer and half of closing costs?" SAY WHAT?!?! We drove to our realtor's home that night and signed the offer. I am still in SHOCK!

this was mine when I was a baby!

Trike a thon-Kate raised $200 for St Jude!

Pirate Day at school

Lunch for KKs bday at her school on Wednesday

Celebration dinner after selling our house!

On Saturday of that week, we celebrated my friend's Dirty Thirty! The girls all met at Divergent (LOVED!) and then had dinner at PF Changs. I wanted to add a few personal touches to the party, so we had pink popcorn in Chinese takeout (to keep with the Asian theme) and pink champagne for the movie! We also had dirt cake for her Dirty Thirty for dessert (she loves oreos), and Japanese cherry blossom hand sanitizer for favors (she is a neat freak!) We had such a fun time celebrating Carly!!

We are all Frozen obsessed

Girls in Sunday dresses in mud puddles

I love how our small group has grown! We used to all be able to meet in this room!

The words you speak become the house you live in. -Hafiz

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