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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I blinked and April and May are over! We have enjoyed some fun days at the park, packed up our house, moved in with my parents, and bought a new home!

We also celebrated my 31st birthday! We went to Mellow Mushroom for some yummy pizza when Daddy got off work.

And Luke and I ate at Harvey's in Tupelo on my real bday!

Signing away!
Our new home. I am so excited about moving in! I still cant believe we are lucky enough to have found something so perfect for our family.
Last few nights at our old house...this boy will sleep anywhere.
I got to go to lunch with some work friends...thank you, Kate, for the awesome photog skills....Miss these girlies so much!
Kate being empathetic.
Happy getting some cereal for the first time. Preston got to feed him for the first time.

Packing could be a whole 'nother post. I recommend buying the house you want to live in forever before having kids. Trying to pack with three kids underfoot was a little more time consuming than I could have ever imagined. Ridic. Also, I might be a hoarder...of candy. I found all of this in our glass front cabinets hidden in serving pieces.

The kids and I enjoyed every last minute of our wonderful backyard!

One day the kids and I were in Jake's schools area...we decided to stop by and graffiti his truck...I was worried I wouldnt be able to find in int he middle of all the high schoolers cars...and then I found out Jake is either terrified of parking and hitting someone, or likes extra exercise. See that lonely, red Ford?

Menagerie Farm day at school

We celebrated spring birthdays with lunch at the Thistledome this place!

He does cry every once in a while!

Preston's BFF got chickens and they love to feed them worms and snails while Sister is at dance class!

April is a promise that May is bound to keep. Hal Borland

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