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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Perdido Key 2013

We took our vacation in May this year because of football (Jake), and it was absolutely perfect! It was warm, but not hot, and we all had a wonderful time! Also, when we got home, the summer seemed so long stretched out in front of us because FL is usually our halfway point!
Holla Memphis!WP_20130525_004
The kids were up bright and early for some beach fun.
 WP_20130526_003WP_20130526_004 WP_20130526_005 WP_20130526_006 WP_20130526_007 WP_20130526_008 WP_20130526_009
The boys finding beach creatures.WP_20130526_010 WP_20130526_014 WP_20130526_015
Sand babyWP_20130526_016
Preston climbed up in my lap every day for a snack and capri sun, and then would nap for 2+ hours under the tent. Total beach baby!WP_20130526_019 WP_20130526_023
Note to the diggers: it takes a long time to bury a 6’5 1/2 man!WP_20130526_025 WP_20130526_026
Jake still loves to dig holes!WP_20130526_029 WP_20130526_032 WP_20130526_035 WP_20130526_037 WP_20130526_039 WP_20130527_001 WP_20130527_003 WP_20130527_005 WP_20130527_006 WP_20130527_009 WP_20130527_011 WP_20130527_013 WP_20130527_017 WP_20130527_019
We each take a night to cook! Meme and Bretty did delicious Mexican!WP_20130527_023 WP_20130527_026 WP_20130527_030
Crab hunting crew WP_20130527_033
There were these weird creatures everywhere one day.WP_20130527_035 WP_20130528_001
Blake was trying really hard to get his kite up…and Jake was a lot of help :)WP_20130528_003 WP_20130528_004 WP_20130528_006 WP_20130528_011 WP_20130528_013 WP_20130528_014 WP_20130528_020 One of the highlights of my week was getting to see this pretty face! We talk often, but there is something about an in person hug that just does me good!WP_20130528_022
Sleeping hardWP_20130528_023
And ready for the beackWP_20130529_002 WP_20130529_004
What I think I look like:WP_20130529_011
What I really look like:WP_20130529_006  WP_20130529_012 WP_20130529_018 Dont think we just let her lounge around all day and look cute.WP_20130529_020 WP_20130529_027
His frat boy shorts were completely see thru when they got wet! Hahaha! Jake was so embarassed!
WP_20130529_029 WP_20130529_032 WP_20130529_038WP_20130529_035  WP_20130529_054 WP_20130529_061   WP_20130529_064WP_20130529_065WP_20130529_067 WP_20130529_074 WP_20130529_076
Blake did ribs for his meal! The best in Memphis!WP_20130529_077  WP_20130529_078
Creepy jellyfish and cute baby belly!
WP_20130530_002 WP_20130530_005 WP_20130530_009 WP_20130530_010 WP_20130530_011 WP_20130530_013 WP_20130530_016 WP_20130530_021
This is what happens when we take Daddy to the outlet mall…new dress, new heels, new headband! Spoilt!
Yummy Lambert’s dinner!
WP_20130530_022 WP_20130530_024
Our room had two sets of bunk beds…so Kate and I were on the top!WP_20130531_001 WP_20130531_004
Swimming with Jake!WP_20130531_005 WP_20130531_009 WP_20130531_014 WP_20130531_018 WP_20130531_025 WP_20130531_028 WP_20130531_029
Jake was running from the sea monkey!WP_20130531_030 WP_20130531_031 WP_20130531_032 WP_20130531_035 WP_20130531_038 WP_20130531_041 WP_20130531_051
A little beach modelingWP_20130531_060 WP_20130531_071 WP_20130531_073 WP_20130531_075 WP_20130531_088 WP_20130531_100   WP_20130531_103WP_20130531_105
We had a wonderful week in the sun! My Canon, which I used daily!!!, died on me, so all I have is my phone camera! Ehh! I am so glad the Windows phone has an awesome camera, but I miss my rebel so much!

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