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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We had a wonderful May with the lovely, unseasonably cool weather! We celebrated the Kentucky Derby in true Southern style.WP_20130504_002 WP_20130504_007
We have enjoyed the zoo several days and celebrated several birthdays!WP_20130507_003
Violet’s 2nd!WP_20130511_001 WP_20130511_002 WP_20130511_003 WP_20130511_005 WP_20130511_008 Isabel’s 4th!WP_20130511_010 Travis’ 30th!WP_20130524_014
We also celebrated Mother’s Day with a delicious breakfast in bed!WP_20130512_002 WP_20130512_007
I even had in bed entertainment!WP_20130512_011
We went to The Half Shell after church for another delicious meal!WP_20130512_012 WP_20130512_013 WP_20130512_018
The guys in our small group cooked out for us that night. Delish and so fun!
WP_20130512_021 We are infested with bats!
WP_20130514_008 WP_20130514_010 WP_20130517_001
Kate and I were in April and Justin’s super awesome wedding! April and her mom had worked so hard to pull everything together, and it looked like a magazine photo shoot! Gorgeous!
Kate getting dolled up!
WP_20130518_001 WP_20130518_002 WP_20130518_003 WP_20130518_004 WP_20130518_006  WP_20130518_008 WP_20130518_009 WP_20130518_010 WP_20130518_011
Me and the beautiful bride!WP_20130518_012
Kate took swim lessons for four weeks and is now swimming like a fish! She is under water, in the deep end, going to the bottom to retrieve rings, and wherever else she wants to be! So proud of her bravery! She passed levels one and two!
Have I mentioned this third pregnancy has made me loose my mind? I always take Preston into swim lessons in the stroller bc he was usually asleep and would nap the whole time she was swimming. I went on a Tuesday, and then that Thursday I went to visit Nannie and it wasnt in my car. Luke swore he didnt take it out, so I was really confused. As I pulled up to swim lessons that afternoon, I figured out where I had left it! Thankful for honest people!
Kate and I got a special girls night out with the Neller girls to see The Little Mermaid at an elementary school. It was absolutely amazing and so impressive those were elementary kids doing the acting! We were so excited to catch Ariel in the hallway!
Preston and I got a special date night too! We had Mum and Sons night at church where we played boy games and had a blast!  When I told him we were having date night, he asked, “Are we gonna make pancakes?” I hope he is always this easy to please!
WP_20130503_006 WP_20130503_007
Here is Kate’s class picture. Ha!
She was awesome at her end of the year program…and we are still hearing “Rockin Robin” and “Take me out to the ballgame!”WP_20130516_011 WP_20130516_015 WP_20130516_020 Kate’s Fan Club
WP_20130516_030 WP_20130516_033 WP_20130516_035 WP_20130516_037
Kate and Mrs Hoffman! I couldnt have asked for a better teacher to teach and love on my spunky, smart girl all year! They were definitely a match for each other!WP_20130516_039

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