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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dont Forget!

It is almost time!
We are planning on ordering our Color Run t shirts in the next two weeks. That will give us plenty of time to get them to everyone. If you need to register for the color run, do it! Registration is still open. If you need a t shirt, you can order one below, or mail us a check. Please put your size on the bottom of the check so we can keep up with it. If you need our address, comment below and I will get it to ya! We have 62 people registered for Team Cantrell!!! That is amazing...I have said before, but my goal was 20!! We have sold 30 shirts, so we are halfway there. I don't want anyone to be left out with a t shirt!

Remember, you have to sign up for a tshirt after you register for the race!!
Sign up for a tshirt using the paypal link below.


I also have something else exciting to announce for that weekend!! One of my dearest friends is hosting a pre party on Friday night before the race. She is going to get us good and carb-ed up before we run, and we will have fun planned all night (such as tutu making, Twister tournament, oh yeah, get excited!) If you are running the next morning, or are not running and would like to help out in another way, it is going to be an awesome party and another way to raise money to bring home Baby C #3! 

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