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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer time Fun

We have been making the most of ever day this summer! Kate has loved dressing herself, and she would wear cowgirl boots everyday if I let her!IMG_2092
I had an absolutely wonderful Mother’s Day. The past two years, it has fallen in the middle of exams which means I barely got to see Luke that day. This year, it was the day after graduation, and Luke made up for the last two years.
Traditional Breakfast in BedIMG_2295 IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2306
Luke also surprised me with an Ipad! We usually do sentimental gifts (ie whatever the kids make), so this was a HUGE surprise!! We have loved playing on it!IMG_2321
Trying to get  kids in a pic is always funny to me.IMG_2330
We have also enjoyed a bunch of lazy days at home,IMG_2352
IMG_2378 IMG_2383 IMG_2483
Celebrating 1st Birthdays,
IMG_2384 IMG_2388 IMG_2390
enjoying the zoo,,IMG_2422
keeping KKs pool full of friends,P5280294
& beating up a worn out Daddy!
IMG_2425 IMG_2435
Sassy pants!  IMG_2448
Pres loves his Uncle Jakey!IMG_2449 IMG_2458
Last day of school BBQ treat!P5080185 P5080189
We also are the proud owners of a new (to us) vehicle! My PT cruiser (that Luke’s mom gave us after the wreck..Thank You!!) died the week of Luke’s graduation, and we had to have another vehicle with the way our schedules work out and the fact that we live out in the middle of nowhere (a “suburb” of a one stop sign town :) Anyway,since we have been married, I had driven 5 different cars. We are huge Dave Ramsey supporters, but I put my foot down and said No More DR Cars!! So, we now have a real car note for the first time in 4 years! Boo…but I absolutely LOVE my new van. Fell free to make fun of me, but I love everything about it! The space, the doors, the functionality….I could go on and on. It is a white Honda Odyssey, and I will hopefully be able to drive it until it dies…like my other 5 cars!

Bye Bye Cruiser…Hello Mini!

“I'm not against people having new cars. I'm against them having you. We spend a tremendous amount impressing somebody at the stoplight who we'll never meet. It makes you broke and keeps you broke.” Dave Ramsey

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Audra Laney said...

I know how much you love your van because I know how much I love mine! It's everything I needed in a vehicle plus great gas mileage! :) Congrats to you, mini-van mama! ;)