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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boys of Summer

Who doesnt love watching baseball? It is one of my absolute favorite summer past times. I loved watching Blake play growing up and spent many, many hours at the fields, and now we get to do the same with Jake. I hope Preston loves this game, too!

Kate and Pres had made all of their favorite baseball boys (Jake, Uncle Brett, and PopPop) a baseball with their fingerprints as the laces. Kate delivered hers to the dugout at one of Jake’s games.
IMG_2509 IMG_2512 IMG_2515
Jake looks so big to me in these pictures. I really cant believe my baby is taller than me (and Luke too!)
Serious player:
 IMG_2535 IMG_2541
Then he spotted his the camera:IMG_2536  IMG_2544 IMG_2547
So serious!
IMG_2548 IMG_2549 IMG_2551
Pres also loved playing with a rogue ball with his Daddy and Uncle Blake during the game.
IMG_2556 IMG_2568
Kate enjoyed coloring with a new friend :)
Some say our national pastime is baseball. Not me. It's gossip.
Erma Bombeck

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