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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

First of all, how lucky are we that we have wonderful forces that protect our freedom everyday? I am so blessed to be born in America. When you start comparing us to the rest of the world, our lives are so easy!

We spent most of Memorial Day week/weekend in the water somewhere! We started out at the Splash Park in Collierville last week. We were only able to go here once or twice last summer, and I knew Pres would love it. He did not disappoint!P5220203 P5220210 P5220211 P5220213
P5220223 P5220215
Kate, on the other hand, was just as happy to be sunbathing with the adults.
P5220205 P5220209
We are so glad to have access to such a fun place with fun friends!
P5220231 P5220227P5220229
Little Mama making him go with her!P5220233
Friday night, I proposed an awesome date night to Luke. We could run the kids around at home, give them baths, and then go to the drive in. I thought (key word here) that by the time we got all the way down to Summer Ave, the kids would surely be asleep. Definitely Preston because it would be past his bedtime and little booger likes to be asleep by then. Of course, Kate had to teetee right before we got there and woke up and Preston talked the entire time! They enjoyed the first part of MIB3 with us, and then I walked Preston around in the sling until he fell asleep. We put both kids back in their carseats and drove to the other side of the “theatre” and they were both out! I think we might try it again, and just make sure they swim that day so theyll be worn out before we head into town. Nevertheless, Luke got to experience his first drive in movie!P5250236
Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the lake. My parents bought a boat at Christmas, and we were all dying to get it on the water! All the adults were high fiving and cheering because we were so glad that it actually cranked, and my dad said, “ Kate, isnt this wonderful?” She looked at him and said, “Pawpaw, it’s just a boat.” Haha…she will be one hard girl to impress! P5250237 P5250238 P5260241 P5260242 P5260243
Preston was hilarious! He was so relaxed and floated like this the entire time he was in the water!
P5260253 P5260261
Saturday night, we went to the Sunset Symphony. Perfect ending to our day!P5260272 P5260275  P5260276 P5260285
Sunday and Monday were spent in the pool at my parents!
P5280286 P5280288 P5280294 P5280295
P5280296 P5280298
Kate was making cupcakes for everyone!P5280300 P5280307 P5280306
This picture cracks me up. Notice the dog is hot on the rabbit’s trail!
"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun."
- Kahlil Gibran

Also, we have some friends that are selling everything they own to go into full time ministry/missionaries/wherever God takes them. Check out their site for the things they are selling!

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