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Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Luke won't wear PJs...

to the PJ Party we are going to tonight. He said the last time he wore pajamas to a party, he was put in the paper! I guess some people at Town Hall got a hold of a copy...Oops! The Parsons and Bousson families of the Collierville and Germantown area enjoyed their 26th annual "Breakfast With Santa" last month. The group includes Jake, Blake, Megan Bousson, Lauren Parsons, Amanda Bousson Cantrell, Trey Parsons, Luke Cantrell and Will Parsons. Their parents Bucky and Kelly Parsons and Jeff and Kathy Bousson met 26 years ago when the men were playing softball for their work team when both families' daughters, Lauren and Amanda, were infants. Kelly said, "Our families have been 'family' ever since ... and began going to the Downtown Goldsmith's department store Enchanted Forest for Breakfast with Santa in 1983." To complete our families came the births of Trey, Megan, Blake, Will, and Jake," she said. "Since our meeting, we have come together for yearly gatherings to celebrate friendship, birthdays and the spirit of Christmas."
Happy Friday, yall!

“Once a guy starts wearing silk pajamas it's hard to get up early”

Eddie Arcaro

(American Jockey who was the first to ride five Kentucky Derby winners and two US Triple Crown champions. 1916-1997)


Elizabeth & Travis Harville said...

haha!!! tell him not to be too one will be there from the paper :)

AnnaLittle said...

AGH!!!! How cute that y'all are in the paper for this. I love this post, Amanda. Luke... you should lighten up. I think you'd look great in flannel.