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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthdays!!

Today is Tricia's Birthday!
Hope it is wonderful, sweet friend! (She is on the far right!)

Bandit's Birthday was also some day this week. I didnt know the exact date, so I had decided to make it the 17th, and then the twins came that maybe we will make it the 18th. We got him a new leash, a ball too big to roll under the couch, & a huge bone, and let him have a few bites of steaks with our dinner!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Bandit...! That is cute that you had him a little b'day celebration.

LWolfe said...

i'm mad i'm not in the picture.

LWolfe said...

happy belated birthday, bandit.

Luke & Amanda said...

Sorry, know if you had been there you would be in the pic!