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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Here are a few pictures from the wedding, and a link to the professional pics. We put all of our pictures on shutterfly, so check that out for all other pictures! (nurse)
Cool Slideshows
My bouquet (Southern Design Studio) Southern Design Studio (both). The bridesmaids. (Southern Design Studio) The groomsmen. (Southern Design Studio) The ceremony. (Southern Design Studio) My family’s Christmas Card this year! (Southern Design Studio). Here are a few wedding non-pro pics…Me andDaddy Doc right after the ceremony. The church All the boys I am ready to get to the reception! My Hot Husband and I! My dad and I dancing! The cake! Another cake shot Luke’s Cake…and the famous Knot “I Do” letters! We’ve got the groom’s cake and no groom! My Cute little brother…and a good shot of my headpiece! Getting serious! The bouquet toss…it got ugly. Blake easily caught the garter! Love this pic! My precious cousin (Flowergirl) Dancing with my cousins Singing my sorority (KD) song! Leaving the reception with Marshmallows being thrown at us!


Chad, MK, and Camp said...

hey amanda! i found your link through your comment on jenny's site! i LOVE your wedding photos! i work as an assistant to a wedding photographer and LOVE to shoot weddings. your pictures are wonderful- thanks for sharing!
mary katherine (guyton) segrest
check out our blog =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Amanda! I too saw your blog through Jenny's site! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the pic of the marshmallows being thrown. I hope everything is going great in Texas! I am thinking of starting a blog...I will let you know if I do. Love- Ashley Benjamin

Luke & Amanda said...

The link to our professional pictures is
Session Proofs

Chad, MK, and Camp said...

im trying to look at the photos on the photog's site and that i.d. didnt work... dont know if i did it wrong?
you look gorgeous by that way!

Luke & Amanda said...

Oops... the password is
Thanks for looking!

LT said...

you're a blogger too! yea!!
love love the pictures (even though i'm pretty sure i'd seen most of them before!).
i'll add you to my "blogger friends" list ;)

Ken and Lacey said...

So sweet, Amanda! Congratulations! I'm a blogger too!

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

i LOVE your wedding pictures! you're very photogenic:) i'm adding you to my "blog friends", so i can keep up with you. thanks for commenting!


kathryn spencer said...

one day your kids are going to look at that pic of their mom in the wedding dress & aviators and think you are the coolest person to walk the earth. that's the cutest pic! sounds like y'all are doing great and good to hear all the news. miss you!

Jane Vavrova, Praguee said...

Hi sweetie, thank you very much for letting me see you in a wedding dress, you and your husband look absolutely stunning!!!I am amazed, it must really have been the dreamed wedding, you look like a princess and it all looks like a fairytale, i am so happy for you all, please keep in touch, take care and never forget your czech sister JANE from Prague, say hi to everybody and lots of kisses from Czech Republic!!!
I love you and miss you so much!!!!

Little Hill said...

Aww yea, I'm so glad you found me on here! Your wedding pictures turned out so beautifully! I really hope you and Luke are doing well. It seems like your past year must have been busy with planning the wedding and finishing up school! Way to go!! If y'all ever are out in California defintely let me know!


Aunt Kelly said...

Hey kids!! I love the Blog!! You look so happy and we love you very much!! Have Fun and remember - Always Laugh!!!

Aunt Kelly