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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Our First Post

Now that we are getting settled in the great state of Texas, we thought this would be a great way to keep all of our family and friends updated on what is going on in our lives. So here we go! We have really enjoyed our first month+ of being married. I have gotten us unpacked and semi-organized, and I think Luke is glad I am here. Bandit (our precious dog) has adapted well. He loves to sit on the balcony and annoy anyone that walks by, and Luke has really gotten him in line. Yesterday, we bundled up and went to a nearby park. They have a 1.25 mile trail through the woods, and Bandit loved being outside. It was also nice for me to get out into the fresh air for a while. We have had cold weather and ice, so going outside has been kept to a minimum. Luke's job is still going well. He really enjoys being at the shop here. I am so thankful that he enjoys his job! I recently got a job at East Texas Medical Center. It is one of the "big" hospitals here in Tyler. I went to a review session for my boards last week, and I am ready to have them over with! I have run into a few problems getting registered because I have changed states and names since I graduated, but I will hopefully be able to take them soon! The floor I am working on is pediatrics/bariatrics. I had no idea what bariatrics was, and come to find out it is gastric bypass surgery patients. I toured the floor (16 beds), and I think I will really like it. They cross-train the nurses to do OB, so hopefully I will be able to get my foot in the door there! I start February 14, so say a little prayer for me that day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke and Amanda! I love the blog. I recognize a few of those non-professional pics :)
It sounds like all is going well in Tyler, but we miss you here! Sounds like Bandit is still a bit of a mess!
I hope you update a bunch!
Love you both,
Tracy, Cole and Jake

Anonymous said...

hey amanda! i'm a blog stalker :) i'm laurette's sister amanda. i found your comment on jenny holloway's page when i was posting mine. i love checking blogs when mary peyton is napping :) hope you have a great first year of marriage!

amanda (clark) marble

Kellan said...

they're cross training you while you're working? there has got to be some labor laws on that, but at least it will help you keep in shape. we all miss you hear with young life, but are so happy for you and luke.
peas out,

Amanda Trusty said...

Hey guys! the weddin was beautiful! I wanta cry (happy tears) everytime i see how wonderful yall are doing! i wanna see some pics from the honeymoon! yall look so happy! hope yall are doing great and aren't gettin homesick! miss ya very much! LiL Crusty!