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Friday, May 17, 2013

It’s a…

WP_20130515_003 Can you tell what the newest Cantrell is? My mom guessed by looking at this sweet profile! I had my big ultrasound on Wednesday! The dr said the baby looked just like us!
     WP_20130515_009 WP_20130515_010
Kate and I made cake pops! We had Dr Seuss bowties for those that thought boy and blue bows for those that thought girl!WP_20130515_011 Mama, take my picture on the counter!
WP_20130515_012 WP_20130515_013
Megan and Brett had us over for Memphis Pizza Cafe to share the news! Megan was showing Blake his voting options. He sided with Preston.WP_20130515_014  WP_20130515_016WP_20130515_015
Kath was undecided because she had thought girl up until today…and then Kate swayed her to Team Pink! Megan also thought boy and then subconsciously picked girl.
WP_20130515_018 WP_20130515_020 
Look closely at Preston’s shoulder…Blake!WP_20130515_022  WP_20130515_026 
It's a sweet little boy! Preston will have someone to wrestle with, and Kate will still be the princess of the house!
WP_20130515_027 WP_20130515_025WP_20130515_028 WP_20130515_030  
Luke called Papa Q and Ninabelle on the way home…sad I didnt get a pic! They guessed boy!
We then called Grammy and PopPop. PopPop guessed boy and Grammy thought it was going to be one of each!
Then we caught Audrie before she fell asleep! WP_20130515_037 WP_20130515_036WP_20130515_038 WP_20130515_039


alicia harrison said...

I am so out of the loop!!! I had no idea you were pregnant! I need to catch up on blogs more often! ha CONGRATS!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! So happy for you guys! Aundrea