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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ye Hive

Alrighty friends...I have a favor to ask that works in your favor! There is a new app being launched today that will change the way we use our pics in social media. One of our best friends from State (Brad Fuller-whoopwhoop!) developed an app called Ye Hive. The basic idea was to go to an event, check in, and upload your pics. Everyone at the events pics and videos will all be in the same place. The thought came when Brad realized the modern day man who watches sports does so with his phone in his hand ready to tweet and check up on instagram while parked in front of his tv. What if he could see all the pics being taken in one place and keep up with a running commentary made by fans? When we went to Starkville a couple of weekends ago and he explained this to us, I got so excited thinking about the possibilities...if we had had this app during Preston's birthday party, all the pictures taken that night by all the family would be in one place (and no one would have to send them to me later...because let's be honest, does that ever happen?). At the color run, all the pics from all the runners would be in one place. How awesome is that?!?! What if you were getting married and all of your family and friend's pictures from that night could be viewed in one place? The app is up and running today and I would love for everyone to download it now! And dont forget to find me (BarbieD83) and make me a favorite so I can see all the fun youre having!

 He is in the race to be the largest social media launch (hopefully in front of instagram!) in history. Let's put Mississippi on the map!

Ye Hive. be there.

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