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Friday, September 7, 2012

Done, Son!

Well, a whole new chapter of my life has closed...and another one has opened! I had my last night of work two Thursdays ago! Luke started work Monday, the 27th, and our long term plan was for me to stay home! Leaving work was definitely bittersweet for me because I absolutely LOVE my job. I work with the best group of women and get to take care of precious newborns and their mamas. My work friends had become like a family...we were together 8-12 hours a night 2-4 nights a week. I had shared all my stories, all my new mom concerns, frustrations after the wreck with these ladies, and they gave advice, a hug, and laughs when needed. I have spent more holidays with them than with my family for 5 years! I love them and will miss them terribly. I am so glad we can still meet up for lunch, and I am so glad to get to sleep all night every night from now on!
Pregnant together (with Kate)
Eating in the!
Waiting on Kate
My night besties
Loving my baby 
Celebrating birthdays
GooRoo and MB
My night time crew!! At Preston's shower!
Sarah helped bring Preston into the world...that's how close we are!!
Night shift loves to eat! Celebrating my last night with my favorite foods...they know me too well...Miss Muffn cake, Patty Bagwell cupcakes, cheese dip and salsa!

Celebrating at Mellow Mushroom

Love them so much!

I miss yall already!!

Hey! I be gone today
But I be back around the way
Seems like everywhere I go
The more I see
The less I know
But I know, one thing, that I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!


Erica B said...

Awww so sad that you won't be there when I have my next baby in April! But happy for the new chapter in your life!

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