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Friday, November 13, 2009


Buggy, Alice, and a Cabbage Patch Kid We started out "Halloween Season" at the O'Connell's Annual Bash! As always, I was the star of the karoake (or maybe they gave me the mic that didn't work...I'll never tell!) Luke and I were Alice and Jasper from Twilight. I must admit that it is kinda fun putting on a TOTALLY different hairstyle for the night! We had a wonderful time eating delicious food and hanging out with family and friends. At least I can say I get the dressing up jean honest. Look at KK! She is Snow White! The sweet lamb, Lil Bo Peep, and the Beast
Mmm! Whoppers or Doritos? Decisions, Decisions!
We had a wonderful Halloween! Kate was a lamb, and an adorable one at that! My sweet SIL did some research and found that Tally, Kate's middle name, means lamb. How sweet is that?
Me: Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming, We'll say Boo! Kate: Mommy, your singing is making my head hurt! This is her at 7 months! In just a few days I will have to take her 8 MONTH PICTURE! Get outta town! I can't believe it! She started crawling on Monday, and you would've thought she'd been doing this her whole little life. She is all over the place. KK says she looks like a walking horse the way she picks up her arms so dramatically to place them in front of her. It is hilarious! Maybe I can get a video on her? Pretty please, Cute Boy?! Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. The monitor on our desktop went out. And yall remember how my computer goes to law school everyday? That leaves me with no computer and no tv all day long! I cannot say that I am bored, but it is nice to be able to blog during cutie patootie's nap time!
"They say one of a baby's first non-verbal forms communication is pointing. Clicking must be somewhere just after that."


Audra said...

If you ever decide to change your hairstyle, Alice's flatters you remarkably!!!

I can't believe Kate is this old! Have fun with the crawling thing! Pretty soon she'll be pulling up and WALKING!

Trace's Space said...

7-11 months is the best age!!! oh so sweet. My favorite pic is of Kate in her pumpkin outfit. her expressions are priceless.

I love her (and you guys too :)