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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bippity Boppity Boo

Kate's Fairy Godmothers came to town this past weekend! Tricia, Heather, and Lindsey all drove from the coast (Mobile, Hattiesburg, and Gulfport) to visit with the newest member of Kappa Delta 2027 (yes, Tricia figured that out on the drive up). Kate was so happy to meet them, and I even let them babysit. Luke and I both had weddings to attend, and the Fairy Godmothers held down the fort. I returned home to a quiet house, but never fear, the pics tell it all! Sleeping Beauty after a meal! Sleeping Beauty has pretty what do Fairy Godmothers do? They dress her up, of course! "But look how cute I am! Take my picture!" declared FG 3 to FG 2. "Why, look! There are enough bonnets for us all to dress up," exclaimed FG2! "Whew! Sleeping Beauty is back asleep!" "Oh! Props!" said Fairy Godmother 1. And then FG 3 got jealous of the attention not being on her: I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and I miss them already. My friend, AFS, describes college friends perfectly. Because I am math/science oriented, I am stealing her lines: I really treasure the friendships where we really know each other...our fears, our insecurities, our families, where we grew up, our core beliefs, our long strings of boyfriends. That kind of knowledge really helps each friend be a better friend to the other, but that kind of knowledge only comes with time. Anywho, I truly love it when my out-of-town friends come. It may sound weird, but one thing I really love is the music we girls make when getting ready to go out - hairdryers blowing, the clatter of makeup brushes and compacts, girly chatter, laughter, switching into countless outfits, swapping shoes, spritzing perfume and hair spray. It is one of the sounds I miss most as a married girl. It is a happy symphony of sounds and scents, and it signals a night of memories in the making. Does that remind anyone else of the KD house?? If you want to see more pics of Kate, check out Tricia's website.Click here~ I am so proud of her and her new business!! So, what else is new in the Cantrell home? For Earth Day, we celebrated with a new COMPOST BIN!! I started one at my parents house years ago and have really missed having one since I have been married. The cutest boy in the world built me one with two sides. It is so convenient, and I have already begun to fill it up. We have red clay instead of soil, so it will really help my garden grow next year! Also, there is a new member in the Bousson household! Joey and Cassie welcomed Baby Will a week ago! He was 9 lbs 5 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. We took Kate up to visit, and she loved her new cousin! She started crying though...I am not sure if it was because she liked being the baby of the family, or because she was afraid he was going to sit on her :) He is beautiful and Mama and Baby are both doing well at home!
Merryweather: It's pink! Flora: Oh, lovely shade, isn't it? Merryweather: But I wanted it blue. Flora: Now, dear. We decided pink was her color!


Heather said...

love it!!! Loved meeting her, and loved seeing you! That quote is so true. I miss my friends.
Tell Kate that FGM Heather says hello and I love her!

AnnaLittle said...

This post is so sweet... I miss college.

My fave Sleeping Beauty quote is: One tisp. What's a tisp?

I swear my mom says that every time she bakes something. I love it!

Give Kate a kiss :)

Trace's Space said...

the pictures are precious! Kate is prettier everyday.

Tricia said...

This post makes me so happy.

Tracy & Joe said...

wow, the pictures of Kate are gorgeous! Tricia did such a good job! (but then again, she had a beatiful subject..)

Glad you made it to the wedding!!

ps. loved the quote as well...however it reminded me more of the phi mu house....just sayin! :) haha

Anonymous said...

pps. If you need me to write Kate a rec for Phi Mu in 2027, just let me know...


Erin said...

Amanda... you are so cute. I love your narrative and your Sleeping Beauty quote at the end. Actually I always love your quotes! Love ya!