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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kate's Room

We will start off in her bathroom! Luke painted it blue, and it looks so cute!
I love, love, love Kate's room! It is not what I had pictured when we started looking for fabric, bedding, and paint, but the final result is wonderful! Luke picked out the paint, curtain fabric, redid the furniture...basically, everything. He has suck a knack for decorating, and I am so glad because I am so indecisive!
Handmade dresses & bonnets and frames waiting on pictures!
Her closet. The poor child needs some clothes!
My glider! Yea!! I made the blanket on the left, and Aunt Katie made the pillows!
Side table beside the glider.
Side of room. There are still a few things to hang on the wall and to be put away.
Kate's rocking chair and box of books. I need a little bookcase to go here. And did I mention Luke picked out that cute lamp? I think he loves his little girl! =
From the door looking in.
Grammy (Luke's mama) made the curtains and is going to hem them, and we are making a cornice box with her monogram on pink fabric for the top. I have also cleaned out a little bit of the "clutter."

Last Friday night, we had girl's night at The Orpheum. We saw Legally Blonde, and it was wonderful. Megan and I both agreed it was better than the movie. It definitely made me miss the KD House!

For Audra: Me in all of my 38 week glory. Lovely, I know.

"There's not a whole ot of choice involved. From what I hear. Your body gets this big and it takes over-you can't accomodate it, sweetheart, you just get out of its way. It's on a track of its own and nothing stops it now." She pushed herself up, trying to see over the rise of her belly. "I feel like a hostage to myself. Or to the baby."

-Gregory Maguire, Wicked


Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

That is a hot mama right there if I've ever seen one!! Girl, you look fabulous!! You make a 38 week belly look incredible!

Her room & bathroom are to die for! What a lucky little girl she is to have parents who are already so in love! And it only gets better from here... :)

The Cosby's said...

All belly! Now all you need is Baby Kate to fill the remaining space! Love everything!

Janet Middlekauff said...

Very Cute!!! You guys did such a nice job with the room and I know she is going to love it! I can't wait to meet her! It's so nice to know that Natalie is going to have such a good friend her age at church. Lots to look forward to.

The Benjamins said...

Too cute! She is going to love it!

JordanandSaundersRamsey said...

It all looks soooo cute!!! Can't wait to meet this precious little one!! :)

Katie Walden said...

Oh my gosh! Precious room! Luke did a great job! I'm impressed! I know you are getting more and more excited!

Tricia said...

Wow. I am completely impressed. I love love love the paisly print curtains! And her closet is pretty stellar.

momtothreeintn said...

The room is just precious!!! What a lucky little girl. I know you too will love her to pieces. Such a precious blessing from God. Love you guys. We are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Precious!! I love her closet..but serioulsy..couldn't you fit a few more clothes and stuff in there...and her bathroom and room look great! I think she's really gonna love it!!
Can't wait to meet her!!

2701ag said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I wish I could see you and give you a hug in person!

Kacie said...

CONGRATS!!!!! :)

The Davidsons said...

Congrats! I've seen her pictures on facebook and she's a doll!!! So much fun! Her room is awesome! Congrats again!