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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kate's Big Brother

Dear Readers, I am so excited about Kate's arrival, but I wanted yall to see how cute I am before she gets here. I have a feeling I am going to take a backseat to this "baby" that is coming to live at my house. Mom and Dad say that I have to be really sweet and not lick her in the face or bark while she's sleeping. What do they think I am, some kind of animal? I am looking forward to rocking with her in the glider and when she gets old enough, I think she will drop me food from her pretty high chair. How could she resist these eyes? Anyway, here is a recap of my last few months. Hope you enjoy, and please don't forget about me after my bundle of joy arrives.
Love, Bandit Bousson Cantrell P.S. Auntie Laurette, thanks for telling her not to pull my tail..that could be really annoying!
"Uncle Jake, if I look really pitiful will you share your mac and cheese?"

"This fluffy white mess is for the penguins!"

"Wake up, Daddy! I want waffles!"

Ella's Birthday Party

Yummy cupcakes!
Little Coop
Babe the oinker
Our Party Favors

The guests and our parents

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.-- Roger Caras

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