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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Babies are...

so much fun! Kate moves around all the time, and I love it! I can feel elbows and knees, although I can't distinguish what is what. I think she is practically taking up my abdomen from one side to the other.
My sweet YoungLife girls threw us a surprise shower on December 30. We received so many cute PINK things! It was fun to come home and add them to the nursery. It is also coming along nicely.
The girls
Madison...who is now a KD at State!
And Katie...mother to Thea, Kate's new friend!
Luke "redid" two pieces that were my great-grandmothers. Here are before pics, and he finished them on Sunday while I napped. I will make sure to get some after pics soon...they look AWESOME! Isn't he the best Daddy already?
(Note:Please ignore me and the sour look on my face...I didn't know my pic was being taken, but I wanted you to see the changing table "before!")
And last but
not least, my
sister's new baby.
Isn't he precious? A mess, but precious! His name is Cooper! Bandit is not sure about his feelings for little Cooper yet, but Coop loves Bandit!
"A baby of the most beautiful miracles in life,one of the greatest joys we can ever know,and one of the reasons whythere is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happinessin your world today."


Tricia said...

I can't wait to see how the furniture turns out!

JordanandSaundersRamsey said...

Can't wait to see you Saturday!!! March is going to be here before you know it!!! You and Luke are going to make the best parents!!!

Tracy & Joe said...

1. I recognize that Pom Squad shirt from High School. Glad you still support the old days..
2. Pink is for Phi Mu..just sayin...