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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Happenings

I love December because we always feel the need to catch up with old friends that I miss the rest of the year. I have decided to make that a priority over 2009, so that December isn't so rushed, and I enjoy people all year long.
We had a KD dinner at Stix, and it was SO good to see everyone! I can't wait to hang out again!
I was also able to catch up with two of my very favorite people from nursing school, Erin and Audra. Audra brought along precious Drew, and Erin is due in July! Our December lunch next year will be a little more chaotic :) Blake, we missed you, but because we all work nights, we understand the need for SLEEP!!The Collierville Christmas parade was as entertaining as ever with the Gardners. Collierville does such a great job of making a city feel like a small town. BRRR! It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

December 9, Luke and I celebrated 2 years of Wedded Bliss! He came home that night with these beautiful red roses and a very sweet handwritten note...He's such a romantic :) I had to work that night, so I made a yummy meal of champagne shrimp, and we celebrated over the weekend.

On Friday night, we went to Paula Deen's restaurant in Tunica. It is an AYCE buffet, and as you know, I was in heaven. Everything I put on my plate was delicious, and several items had the recipe available! I just adore her! We then went to a concert that featured the Eli Young Band, Julianne Hough, and Josh Grayson. We had a blast!Saturday, we hung out and went to Graceland. Neither one of us had ever been inside, and it was awesome! I just love Elvis! We had a wonderful time being tourists in our own town, and just being together. I love that boy!

My Dad turned the big 5-0 on December 7...and decided his mid-life crisis would be permanent. My mom surprised him with a trip to Vegas and he came home with an everyday reminder! No, not a show girl...
We also picked out Kate's bedding. Her crib is cherry colored wood, but you can see how stinkin cute it is! I love it! (the bedding seems so anti-climatic after Dad's new ink :)

One of the greatest titles we can have is "old friend". We never appreciate how important old friends are until we are older. The problem is we need to start our old friendships when we are young. We then have to nurture and grow those friendships over our middle age when a busy life and changing geographies can cause us to neglect those friends. Today is the day to invest in those people we hope will call us 'old friend" in the years to come. Grant Fairley


Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

I had a blast hanging out with you guys. Let's do it again BEFORE December. And yeah, it will be QUITE chaotic next year. Maybe be should start having it at someone's house instead?? You know if they can't get us one high chair, they certainly can't get THREE! ;)

Loooove your baby bedding. What color are the walls?

LWolfe said...

LOVE the bedding! yeah for birds! I CANNOT believe your dad got a tat! I cannot wait to see it....LOVE YOU!

Tracy & Joe said...

Ok, obviously we've been missing out at dinner club -- Can't believe your dad got a tatoo!! he's so cool -- tell him, next year a Harley...