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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Like I said previously, we just got internet a few weeks ago. Here are some pictures of What Has Been Going On! We start with telling the family our baby news. We were 2 for 2 in making our Dads cry! When we told my parents, we drove over and gave my dad his Father's Day gift, which was late. He opened the tie, and then there was a bib in the bottom of the bag that said "I Love Grandpa!" To say him and my mom were surprised is an understatement! Meg happened to be at home, thank goodness, or she would have missed the big announcement! Katie and Michael came in town that night, and Luke nonchalantly threw it into conversation about our garden. We talked Ms. Amy into coming Saturday, and Bandit had a bib on that said, "I Love Grandma!" She thought it was silly until she realized what it meant, and then she couldn't quit smiling and screaming!! We drove and met Luke's Dad and Nina Sunday night for dinner, and we told them the news! We told Nannie and PawPaw and Granny that night also. Monday, we drove to Nana & Ned's, Daddy Doc and Granny T's, and Aunt Kelly's with Bandit in a tshirt that said, "I'm a Big Brother!" The picture in the middle is one that I mailed to some of my close friends and family. On the back it said, "Price of picture $.15, Price of postage $.27, Finding out there are two of us in this picture PRICELESS!" We were so excited to tell everyone, as you can see!! We told Supper Club a week later, and had the waiter bring out baby petit fours for dessert. Thanks, Valerie, for filling everyone in on what was going on! July: The Twilight Premier, Hanging out, Lindsey's Oxford shower, & a Nursing Conference in Nashville! September:Top three pics are from Lindsey's Shower Luncheon in Starkville, Jake's Bday, Maggie's new trick, Church Fish Fry, Lindsey's Bachelorette Party in Nashville, & our end of the table at Molly's 30th bday dinner! Luke's Bday Party was a hit! We had about 60 people come over the celebrate the birth of my hot husband! We had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs and made smores! Thank you to everyone who came to see our new home and to celebrate Luke! Happy 27th! Some more of October: "Just Hatched" onesie from Aunt Katie, hanging out, The Piranha, Will finding out the Big News, The boys comparing scores at Jake's bday Lasertag, Larry and Nina's wedding, My sweet friend Becky and her family stayed with us one night last week on their trek from Tyler, TX to KY! Arent her boys precious?, Bandit in Ella's Halloween Necklace! I somehow missed these two cute pics from Luke's bday! His mom came into town on Sunday and we went and ate at The Majestic and then rode the trolley around downtown. Again, Happy 27th!


LWolfe said...

you look hot in the green dress! glad it fits so embarrassing that I can wear it sans bambino!

Trace's Space said...

I love that you posted all of your happenings! So fun to see the pics!

I think my favorites are your mom's face - grinning after the big announcement and Will's pic.



becky said...

We had a great time seeing you last week! I sure hope we can make it a longer visit next time!