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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Did ya miss me?

Whew! April flew by, and now May is pulling the same trick. I am going to add pics and captions to catch yall up on the last few weeks! (And these are in no particular order...and yes, it is driving me crazy!)
Mother's Day
Lindsey graduating from Law School..You Go Girl! And look at her new bling!Surprise Baby Shower for Katie (& Baby Thea) Friedman at our house!
BUNCO at my house!!
Bandit dogsitting his cousin, Ella.
Small Group Cookout at our house:
Bandit playing with his new buddy, Sam!
Me and Lynne from work!

All the girls!

Audra's baby shower!See her blog for more pictures! So cute! Nursing school friends
Julianne & Nathan' s Church Shower...Stefanie is awesome w ith cakes!
Julianne & Molly's Bachelorette Party/Lingerie Shower
The Twins 1st Birthday!!
I wish I had more pics! I have none from my mom on Mother's Day, none from Trace's housewarming, and many more fun times! Other than that, we have been working and sleeping! Our garden is looking mighty spiffy, and we might even have some veggies to share in a few weeks. I get to go on one shift of days for the month of June, and then two for the month of July! I am so excited to have a normal schedule!! We are going to Flo rida in June also, so I am sure that month is going to fly by like these first 5 months of the year. Slow down! "May your eyes continue to see beautiful things & your soul dance to good music."


Andrew & Audra said...

I, for one, missed you greatly! And as cute as The Lord's Prayer child was, I was ready to read your stuff again! :)

Look who's joined the blogging world--almost--she still needs to make a post!

Trace's Space said...

You MUST write more often! I love all of your pics. Were those penis cookies?

Luke & Amanda said...

Yes they are. My specialty.

Trace's Space said...

PS - thank you for coming to my housewarming! I had a great time and I loved your hair. I want mine to look like that!
Love you!

LWolfe said...

Lindsey looked very warm in that big black robe. she also looked like a professor from Hogwarts! I wish I could have been there. you are a good friend! Love and miss you more than the Little Dooey!